DDoS protection issues Sunday 17th October 2021 00:17:00

Starting at 0:17 o'clock (German time), we observed packet loss to IPs that are permanently mitigated. This was due to a large scale so-called carpet bomb attack targeting several hundred customers at once. We have immediately taken measures to mitigate the attacks properly and have a stable DDoS protection since 0:25 o'clock again. We continue monitoring the situation closely to take proper reaction if the attack pattern changes.

The situation is stable for several hours now. We therefore mark this incident as closed.

Between 0:42 and 0:46, and also between 0:51 and 0:53, the packet loss occured again. We have again set new filters to mitigate the impact of the carpet bomb attack. Currently the situation is stable again, however we are of course still monitoring it and must assume that the attack pattern will change again which requires additional intervention. We apologize for the trouble.